About this site
fredriklofter.com was first created in 1995 as a static web site during the first year Introduction to Computer Science course mandatory in the Engineering Physics program at the Royal Institute of Technology. It has since then been migrated to several different hosts, expanded in content, provided with a domain name, etc. and was just recently transformed to a dynamic web site using WordPress. The site is currently hosted on a slightly pimped ReadyNAS Duo.

About me
My name is Fredrik Lofter and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. For reasons that most people find obvious I do not publish contact information here. If you want to contact me, you’ll figure out how. Meanwhile, you can find more on my professional career, including an updated résumé, on LinkedIn. You will find more on my personal life on Facebook although this information may not be so up to date as I simply can’t seem to find the time that Facebook requires. I try to gather stuff that interests me on this site, fredriklofter.com, things that I find meaningful to share with others whether they are pictures, specific interests, how to’s or personal opinions. This is my domain. Welcome!