Watch your knees

By | June 13, 2014

At 6’2″/189cm the leg room offered in economy class is rarely impressive, not even on newer airplanes. Add to this the fact that some of your fellow passengers have a tendency to ignore or not be aware of the basic principle of only reclining their seats after the meal-tray has been removed by the cabin crew. The sudden and severe pain that hits you when the moron in the seat in front of you crushes both your knees usually lasts for days. But now there seems to be a remedy. Enter the original Knee Defender:


This ingenious invention is no bigger than it fits in your pocket and effectively blocks the seat in front of you from reclining. Click on the picture for more info. Buy it at your local travel store while supplies last!

Update: Note that after I wrote this post in June several airlines have prohibited the use of this device. There have also been reports of incidents. Do read this first before your purchase.