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Using Netgear WGR614 as Access Point

by on Nov.16, 2009, under Technology

The Netgear WGR614 is a popular and inexpensive 54MBit/s wireless router that can be tweaked to be used as a wireless access point on a threaded LAN. As such, it will contribute to extending the range of the wireless segment of the same LAN or – if the router used does not have WLAN capability – will add WLAN capability to the network. Several access points can be used to extend the range even further.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure there are no network cables attached to the WGR614 (neither LAN nor WAN)
  • Make sure your laptop or PC used in the following steps is not connected to the network
  • Connect your laptop or PC to any of the LAN ports of the WGR614 using a network cable
  • Log on to the WGR614 via your web browser (usually or similar – check the manual for correct address and default logon credentials)
  • Disable the DHCP server of the WGR614
  • Change the IP address of the WGR614 to something else than the IP address of the router
  • Connect the router to any of the available LAN ports of the WGR614 using a network cable
  • Configure the SSID on the router and the access point so that they are the same
  • Configure different wireless channels on each device (use the non-overlapping channels 1, 6 and 11 to avoid interference)
  • Configure the WGR614 to the same security level and settings as the router, including the access control list
  • Separate the devices to the edge of their wireless ranges

Please consult the manual and/or the Netgear Support Pages if you get stuck in any of the above steps. The network DHCP server IP address range on the router must not include the IP addresses reserved for the access points. If you have the router (that is connected to the Internet through its WAN port) on IP address and, say, two access points on and respectively, the DHCP range on the router should start with (and end with whatever number you think you will need for your network attached gear). Understand that having duplicate IP addresses on your network will put you in a situation you don’t want to be in, so take steps to ensure that the router and the access points never have the same IP. Note also that this setup will not extend the WLAN range of an unthreaded network, i.e. the access points must be connected to the router via cables in this solution. If your aim is a wireless-only network, you need to look in to access points with repeater functionality.

Tip: If the router is configured with the internal IP address 192.168.0.n on the LAN try configuring the access points with internal IP addresses that are easy to remember, such as 192.168.0.n+1, 192.168.0.n+2, etc.

Waiver. The text in this summary has been prepared with uttermost care but is, despite of this, strictly to be considered a guide to be used in conjunction with normal and cautious computer practice, including the safe operation of electric equipment. I cannot accept liability for your actions. Work smart! Work safe!

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