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Pack like a pro

A sweet and neat travel hint now when vacation times are approaching is the use of packing cubes. I use several packing cubes when traveling as a smart and efficient way to stay organized. For instance using one cube for each family member, unpacking in the hotel room simply means placing each cube in a… Read More »

The Famous Grouse Index

The Big Mac index is an index that was published for the first time in the magazine The Economist on September 6th, 1986 and gives an indication of the price level in a country. The index is built around the fact that a McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger is a product that is available all over… Read More »

Puddle jumping

The art of properly managing a short trip lies in packing. Packing smart is everything. Lasting only one or two days, the shorthaul is when you try to avoid checking your luggage. Think carry-on. Airline allowances for domestic US flights are two carry-ons per person while in EU it’s only one (and yes, your briefcase… Read More »


A longhaul flight is when you travel across continents, which at least in the normal case means that you are gone for 4-5 days or more. While there are still people to be found who will consider packing for such a trip in a carry-on, most people realize that the implications of that (such as… Read More »